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Tools I use on a daily basis

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I enjoy reading about other peoples’ setup. I’m curious about what kind of tools/services they’re using to make their development life even more pleasant. I think it’s a good thing too keep an eye on other developers and be open minded about trying new tools from time to time. So I thought I’d also put together a post about my setup and the tools I use, and maybe, just maybe, inspire someone else.


15” MacBook Pro

Currently I’m running a mid 2012 15” Macbook Pro. I really enjoy using it I’ve installed a 256gb SSD and removed my Disk Driver in favour of my old 750gb harddrive. Maybe it’s not the newest Mac anymore but it’s still blazing fast.

Although I’m not planning for a new Macbook anytime soon my next machine will be more portable. At my daily job I’m using a 13” Retina Macbook Pro and I absolutely love it’s portability.

27” Thunderbolt Display

Actually I own two great displays, a Dell UltraSharp U2711 and a 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display. To be honest I like the U2711 better because of the matte screen is easier on my eyes. But the aesthetics of the Thunderbolt Display won it in the end for me plus I like the fact it instantly “charges” my Macbook.

Apple Wireless Keyboard & Magic Mouse

Just as with the Thunderbolt Display I only like the aesthetics of the keyboard and mouse. They look great on my desk. But to be honest they’re horrible to work with. I’m thinking about replacing my keyboard with a Happy Hacking Professional 2 a mechanical keyboard. I’ve just not convinced my self yet I need it enough to justify the price.

Herman Miller Mirra

Maybe just as, or even more important than a good Macbook. A bit expensive but worth every dime and it looks nice right?

RainDesign mStand

Just a stand, I like to have my Macbook lifted of the desk so I don’t have to look down that much when I’ve got my Macbook hooked to my external display.

Shure SE 215 & Sony MDR-1Am

I love to get in the “zone” when I’m programming. I good pair of headphones is essential for me. Most of the time I’m using my Shure’s in favour of my Sony headphones because they feel lighter and overall better sound quality.


Sublime Text

For writing code I use Sublime Text. During the nighttime I’m fiddling aground with Vim but I’m not yet productive enough too say farewell to Sublime Text. So during my daily job my weapon of choice is Sublime Text because it’s a very minimal, extensible and blazingly fast.


I find myself working more and more with the command-line-interface. I’m actually getting quite comfortable with it. The reason I started using iTerm 2 is because of it’s flexibility and configurability. I think it’s quite funny when I think back to a few years ago. At that time I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Right now I actually prefer the command-line-interface over an app with a GUI.


God how could I have ever written code without git?! I absolutely love working with version control and my weapon of choice is git. Not working with version control? Seriously you should consider start using it.


Schooled for using the Adobe suit I’m a long time user of Sketch. I love it’s simplicity and the fact that I don’t have to pay a monthly fee for using it. Although it has it fair amount of bugs I think it’s a great tool.


Ulysses is my go to tool for al my writing app. For blogposts or documentation. I love the clean interface it makes me feel productive and focussed. Also it’s build in library and live preview are really awesome.


I’m a real productivity freak and I love al the great workflows available for Alfred. It’s Spotlight on steroids. I also like the fact that you can easily write your own workflows. I try to make it a habit to when I’m doing an repetitive task that start to annoy me to write an workflow for it.

Reeder 3

Reeder is my news reader of choice I’m using Feedly as service for pulling in al the news. Every morning I check my feed to stay update date with all the subjects I find interesting.



To keep everything safe and in sync I use GitHub. I use GitHub for my private repositories but also for some open-source work. It’s a great service for my Git workflow but also to keep an eye on interesting projects.


Music is perhaps my second most thing I’m passionate about next to programming. Spotify is such a great service that I’m happy to pay €10 a month for. It’s a service I use at least 8 hours a day. Music keeps me focussed and creative, without music I would be a whole lot less happy.

To conclude

So that’s basically it. I’m sure I missed some things but I guess they’re not as vital to my workflow as the others. Have a question or do you have an app/service I should definitely check out? Please reach out to me on Twitter!