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Hello my name is Bart...

Writter by: Bart van der WaerdenAbout

an award-winning Dutch front-end developer & UX designer living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. By day I sculpt online magic at Bynder. And by night I like to wander around in the ever evolving landscapes of front-end development.

I’ve been designing for the last 8 years and got into developing about 6 years ago. I tend to spend the most of my time working with CSS, HTML and Javascript and feel quite comfortable using it.

This website is like a digital playground to me. A place where I can explore new things and share them in a way I wished they where explained to me. I learn from the community and love to share what I have learned back.

When I’m not building websites I love spending time with my girlfriend Samantha, family and friends. Listening to some quality music, writing, fitness or running. Oohw and when I feel inspired and got some spare time left also got some aspirations in making music myself.

More questions about me or want to chat? The quickest way is through Twitter at @bartvdwaerden. Need more words? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at bwaerden @ gmail dot com

You can also find me on: GitHub where I share code, LinkedIn for professional matters and Spotify for listening to quality music.

About this website

Although I plan on writing a post on how I’ve made this site from scratch in the near future. I would like to give a shout out to all the fantastic services helped me building it.

The website is written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Compiled by Gatsby and Styled Components. Hosted on GitHub Pages and version controlled by GitHub. The fonts used are PT Serif and PT Sans served by Google Fonts. The portraits used on this website are made by Kevin Krebbers as commissioned by Rodesk. All other graphics and images are made by myself.